- Our Business Is More About Humanity Than About Profits -

*The U.S. & the world are suffering from a zero inventory crises of truly affordable homes.

*A need for truly affordable, decent "starter work force homes" are in high demand but that demand is not being met.

*52% of the American public is not able to meet their monthly rent or mortgage payments.

*Most cities within the U.S. are experiencing record homelessness, with men, woman & children holding up cardboard signs begging for food at the entrance of most shopping centers, freeway on ramps & traffic intersections.

*Seattle's cost of homelessness. Other major U.S. cities experiencing similar cost.

 UNITED STATES Statistics:

*43,000,000 people are on food stamp assistance.

*578,000 homeless.

*216,197 people with families.

*362,163 individuals.

*84,291 "chronically homeless".

*49,933 Veterans.

California housing homelessness crises.

GLOBAL Statistics:

*100 million people homeless world-wide/ 1.6 billion people living without adequate housing.

Our company was founded on one core principle . . .

Everyone deserves to have a home.


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