new - modern - truly affordable - Accessory dwelling units (ADU) & "starter homes"  


One-floor plan / three applications


  -starter homes-

 -PERMANENT housing communities for our homeless neighbors-




*Phase I

SHK(TM)  solution enables the end user to save hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to today's average home price. All SHK(TM) are delivered directly to the build site within days of order anywhere in North America, complete with everything needed to complete a home, including the kitchen sink. Your building site can be prepared concurrently in advance of your SHK(TM) delivery saving you even more time. (land, excavation, permits, system hook up, labor etc not included in model pricing below).  

*Model A-SHK(TM)

$39,977 includes 1-bedroom, full size closet, nine foot ceiling, 100% all building materials, appliances, fixtures, wood floors,  extra tall wide windows throughout, one french door in bedroom, one man door, toxic absorbing paint, wall door & window molding throughout, IoT enabled mobile app controlled front door security camera- door lock & smoke carbon monoxide detector, wall power outlets & USB charging ports throughout, LED canned ceiling lighting throughout, interior plantation blinds window coverings throughout, exterior window shutters, exterior window planter boxes, composite shingle roofing, exterior three-color tone trim package, complete full size tub-shower bathroom, pedestal sink, stack washer dryer, full size energy star appliances, extra tall kitchen cabinets, broom mop closet, granite counter tops & back splash, certified stamped pre-engineered to HUD, IBC, IRC, CBC building codes, master blue prints / 16ft x 26ft x 9ft / 416sf.

*Model B- Room Kit (RK)(TM) 

$22,997 RK(TM) No kitchen, no bathroom, add additional living space to Model A as your needs or budgets grow over time. Completely wired & insulated, wall power outlets & USB ports throughout. Three windows, one man door. Configure as 1-2 bedrooms with 2nd full size bathroom - living room - office - den or whatever you wish. Attached or detached from main structure or breezeway option 16ft x 26ft x 9ft / 416sf

*Coming soon: SUNSHINE Home Community SHC(TM) exclusively for our homeless neighbors, planned developments built outside the NIMBY roadblock. 

*Prices subject to change without notice. 

*SHK(TM) will be pre-approved by your city building & planning departments prior to processing any orders. No architect to locate, interview, hire & design home. No engineer to locate, interview, hire & certify home plans. You also save months & thousands of hours selecting hundreds of parts skus, materials, colors, fixtures & appliances, receiving and deciding on multiple quotes from multiple suppliers . . . We have done all this for you.

*Ten personal customization features available to make each SHK(TM) home uniquely yours.

*Construction, mortgage loan financing sources available.

*All SHK(TM) are delivered through our building & order fulfillment partners, The Home Depot & LOWE'S.

*SUNSHINE Home(TM) are "smart home" alt tag IoT enabled. 

*Why SUNSHINE Homes(TM) will help to SAVE our only home / planet earth for future born & unborn generations.

*We pass on (100%) of all discounts from our building partners directly to customer achieved through economies of scale.

- Living a life within one’s means allows a sense of ease that supports mind, body, & spirit, all necessary for a joyous life - 

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