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Everyone deserves to have a home


Introducing the SUNSHINE Home Kit  SHK(TM) the very modern version of the early 1900 "Sears kit home"

High Social Impact Mission:

Deliver sustainable superior homes to the world faster for less

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 - You could save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on our permanent housing solution -

- SUNSHINE Licensed Dealership Opportunities Available Now up- 

NEW: SUNSHINE Homes(TM) available in FIRE resistant, EARTHQUAKE resistant upgrade

 Pilot test: SUNSHINE Starter Home(TM) Community. Now taking applications




- SUNSHINE Home (TM) -

  • Faster assembly ready 30-90 days.

  • Socially responsible. 

  • Environmentally responsible. 

  • Interior toxins absorbing paint.

  • SHK(TM) Price $22,977 - $58,777.

  • SHK(TM) delivered within days of order.

  • We sell at cost + min profit margin / you keep 100% market appraised value, equity day-1. 

  • No realtor fees.

  • Lower insurance rates.

  • Lower energy consumption.

  • Built to exceed "sustainable" standards.

  • Option to start small & grow living space over time.

  • Smarter design, efficient use of space.

  • Less noise, pollution & disruption to neighborhood.

  • "Smart home" IoT enabled.

  • Off power grid upgrade option.

  • Lower mortgage payments / more cash per month.

  • $15,000 a year wage earner can truly afford.

- Traditional Home Construction -

  • Slower, assembly / turnkey ready 4-9 months.

  • Not socially responsible.

  • Not environmentally responsible. 

  • No interior toxins absorbing paint.

  • U.S. average home price Oct 2018 / $395,000 +.

  • No option available. 

  • They sell at cost + max profit margin + max market appraised value / you get $0 market equity day-1. 

  • You pay 6-7% realtor fees.

  • Higher insurance rates.

  • Higher energy consumption.

  • Not built to exceed "sustainable" standards.

  • No option to start small & grow living space over time.

  • Wasteful design, Inefficient use of space.

  • More noise, pollution & disruption to neighborhood.

  • Not IoT enabled.

  • No off power grid upgrade option.

  • Higher mortgage payments / less cash per month.

  • $15,000 a year wage earner cannot afford.

more reasons to Choose SUNSHINE Homes(TM)-

- SUNSHINE Homes(TM)Are Value Made Homes-

  - SUNSHINE Homes(TM) are designed to help families lower their housing cost not their standard of living -

- SUNSHINE Homes(TM) are designed around speed of delivery, quality & efficient use of space - 

- SUNSHINE Homes(TM) are built to (HUD) & (IBC) (IRC) (CBC) standards -

- SUNSHINE Homes(TM) are permanent housing solutions built on permanent foundations - 

- SUNSHINE Homes(TM) means less debt, less stress, more discretionary income & more freedom to live well -

- SUNSHINE Homes(TM) make the perfect low cost, brand new "starter home" enabling one to grow their living space by adding Room Kits RK(TM) as needs or budgets grow over time.

Why Truly Affordable Homes are Important to Everyone

- HUD awarded $400M 2018 budget to help prevent / end homelessness -

 - All city building & planning departments should read -

 - Housing markets across the country show dire warning signs -  

- Record number of young woman living with parents & relatives -

- Oregon health authority underscores link between health and our housing crises -

- "Housing First" works. Seattle report.

- "Housing First" How one Canadian city solved its homeless problem -.

Micro housing taking root nation wide -

U.S. inter-agency council on Homelessness -

- NEWS -

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100% American made in the U.S.A. Creating jobs for Americans 

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Ask us about our "smart home" enabled sustainable future SUNSHINE Community, homes designed for our homeless neighbors, developed & circumnavigated around the NIMBY roadblock issue.

We happily donate 10% of our net profits to helping our homeless neighbors