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ThinK SUSTAINABLE - live well

*Phase II: New, affordable, sustainable "work force housing" SUNSHINE Homes - planned community.

*Phase III: Corporate sponsored, affordable, sustainable employee housing, SUNSHINE Homes - planned community. Because, happy employees are productive, loyal employees.

*Three unique - cool floor plans to choose from A) Studio cottage B) 1-bedroom C) 2-bedroom. 

*All our homes will enable a $15 an hour wage earner / two same incomes per household to achieve a PITI payment to income ratio (without land 3.5% to 7.5% each) (with land 13% to 18% each). Land, SDC fees & development cost will vary.

*All homes are "smart home" alt tag IoT enabled.

*Goal / Zero Net Energy Community ZE

*Zero grounds maintenance, food producing edible plants and trees cover 90% of the landscape. 

*High R-value windows, wall insulation, solar panels and micro wind turbines significantly reduce pollution and energy bills.

*Why our value made homes will help to save our beautiful and only home, planet earth.

*All homes are offered below bloated market prices

*Living a life within one’s means allows a sense of ease that supports mind, body, and spirit, all necessary for a joyous life. 

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