- To Re-define What The Human Habitat Could Be - 

*We offer a viable new alternative concept in user friendly housing, through innovative SHK(TMhomes that are sustainable, easy & fast to deliver & build & truly affordable especially for lower wage earners whom have been priced out of the dream of home ownership.

*We utilize superior building methods with smarter highly efficient floor plans that can be delivered FAST! to millions of people in need.  

*Conventional onsite built homes are grossly expensive in terms of dollars, social and environmental cost, & suffer from an inefficient and wasteful use of capital, materials, time and space.

Modular MFG in some ways is an improvement over onsite built homes however they still suffer from the constraints of high prices, large fixed overhead and production bottlenecks similar to on site built homes which prevents both of these models from scaling at truly affordable prices.

*Rent for an average U.S. apartment home will require an annual income between $38,000 - $75,000 or $18 - $36 an hour wage. (utilities not included)

*A purchase of a median U.S. home requires an annual income of $87,912. Factoring 5% down results in estimated $2,322 per month mortgage payments. (utilities not included).

*U.S. average new home price July 2018 is $394,300. Jan 1963 was $17,200.  

*Is there a smarter, faster way to build a home that cost less, and that is also better for our planet ? . . . 

Yes! you bet there is 

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